Introduction to Surge Protection

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Every year, thousands of devices and appliances are destroyed by lightning, electrostatic discharge (ESD) and electrical fast transient burst (EFT) power surges. Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) provide a last line of defense for networks, media centers, gaming rigs, office systems, and appliances. Sensitive electronics are easily damaged by power surges. In the USA, insurance statistics show that there is an average of 70,000 insurance claims a year due to lightning and other power surges. The average claim is $25,000. In storm and lightning prone areas, one in every 250 homes and business will experience a major destructive power surge event every two years. That’s a lot! So next time you are watching your expensive flat screen, think about how its power, HDMI and ethernet connections are protected against destructive surges; or what to do with all the food when your refrigerator and freezer blow! 

As with most things in life, nothing is guaranteed, and the same is true with surge protection. SPDs work very well in most cases, but electricity being what it is, extreme direct strikes and extreme surges can be totally unpredictable and only totally unplugging everything may help. Even so, electrostatic discharge can get to anything anywhere. So, if you live in a lightning prone area or on an unstable electrical grid system, it is highly recommended that you proactively install surge protection and not wait for it to happen to you. 250 to 1 odd’s says that it will in the next two years.

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