• Product imports now starting to happen again :)

    As you are aware, a worldwide shortage of electronic components has wreaked havoc with our imports and many products have been sold out completely while we scrambled to replenish stock.
  • Surge protection products now available directly on Amazon and eBay

    A selection of our surge protection products are now available through Amazon and eBay in the USA as well as our own web site.
  • Product delays

    We are experiencing longer waits than usual for the manufacture and shipping of many of our electronic products. This is not only because of Covid, but is due to a world wide shortage of key metals and electrical components.
  • New online store and company restructure

    We have taken the plunge and are migrating our consumer side of the business to a new online site, powered by Shopify. This will streamline the ordering process and enable us to merge the Power Protection, Automation, Media and Networking sides of the business together under one roof.