Coaxial Surge Protector

This Coaxial RG6 SPD provides a last line of defense for your cable modem, set top box, tuner, TV and DVR against lightning, electronic static discharge (ESD) and electrical fast transient bursts (EFT/B). The device uses a 90V replaceable gas discharge tube (GDT) to dissipate excess voltage through a connected ground wire, protecting the connected device. For long coaxial cables in the walls or roof, you should install his device at both ends.


  • Coaxial RG6 Type-F Female-to-Female.
  • Impedance 75 OHMS.
  • The kit includes:
    • 1 foot coax RG6 male to male jumper cable.
    • 3 foot AWG 12 ground wire.
    • 1 spare replacement 90V gas discharge tube (GDT).
  • Small compact design, easy to install.
  • No loss of speed or quality.
  • Extra replacement 90V Gas Discharge Tubes (GDT) are available for order separately.

The Coaxial RG6 Surge Protector is constructed from tri-metal plated brass. It is designed to last and withstand excessive surges. In most cases it is installed inside the home as close to the device as possible. In some cases, it may be installed outside but should be protected from the elements using a plastic box etc.

Coaxial grounded surge protector


The Coaxial RG6 SPD must be properly grounded. One end is screwed onto the SPD using the supplied screw, and the other usually connected to the ground of a wall socket or available ground wire. A high quality ground wire is essential to divert away excess current. Since coaxial RG6 cable can potentially carry a fairly high voltage, it is recommended to use at least a AWG 12 grade ground wire (as supplied in the kit). Many coaxial SPD's are not grounded and cannot protect against larger surges. These don't protect devices properly and often need to be thrown away after a single surge.

If the Coaxial RG6 SPD is blown by a excessive surge, its 90V Gas Discharge Tube may be replaced and it can continue to be used. A single replacement GDT is provided with the kit and more can be purchased as needed. It is always a good idea to have spares available to avoid downtime and continue the protection without risk. To replace the GDT, simply unscrew the cover on the bottom of the unit, and replace the old with the new.

Everything you need is supplied with the coaxial surge protector kit. There is no need for additional purchases of ground wire or jumper cable. This is a properly grounded solution that diverts excess electrical current away from the protected device. The device is placed between the input Coaxial RG6 cable and is then connected to the device by a short jumper cable. The ground wire is screwed onto the top and is then connected to a nearby outlet ground.


Technical Specification:

Connection Type Coaxial RG6 Type-F Female-to-Female
Impedance 75 Ohms
Gas Discharge Tube 90V (replaceable)
Body Tri-metal plated brass
Center Conductor Gold plated
Frequency Range 0-3G
Insertion Loss ≤1.2:1
Weight 4.59 Oz
Size 1.96"x0.98"x0.98"
Operating Temperature -67°F to 311°F
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