Appliance Surge Protector

This high power fire resistant appliance surge protector, operates on 120V/60HZ, with a max load of 20 amps 2400 watts, providing single phase surge protection and voltage stabilization. It is a last line of defense against lightning surges, electronic static discharges (ESD) and electrical fast transient bursts (EFT). It is designed specifically for Refrigerators, Freezers, and Air Conditioners with compressors and motors; but may be used to protect any Home or Business appliance.

Appliance surge protector

  • Protects Refrigerators (up to 32 CU ft.), Freezers (up to 25 CU ft.), Air Conditioners (up to 15000 BTU), Dishwashers, Ice Makers, Microwaves, Printers, Scanners, Copiers, Treadmills, Exercise Bikes and Garage Door openers.
  • Configurable voltage tolerance range from 90-105V (adjustable) to 140V.
  • High power 20-Amps, 2400-Watts, 1.0 HP. Protects both large and small appliances.
  • Automatically switches off for 3 minutes when under/over voltage event is detected. Automatically turns on again once a stable voltage level is detected for 30 seconds.
  • Surge/sag reaction time of <1 nanoseconds.
  • A joules rating is not applicable to this device.
  • Color LED status indicators for easy monitoring.
  • Flame retardant V0 German bell plastic shell tolerant to 1832°F (1000°C).
  • Normal operating temperature range: 41°F to 131°F.
  • Easy to install.
  • Compact size: 3.15" x 1.38" x 4.73".
  • Light weight: 5.30 Oz.
  • Includes a convenient 1 foot outlet saver power extension cord to support additional devices on double and triple wall outlets.


A common problem with some surge protector plugs is that they can only handle a max load of 10 or 15 amps and this rules out the larger appliances such as 32 CU Refrigerators, 25 CU Freezers, 15000 BTU Air Conditioners, Dishwashers, Washing machines etc. This specialized smart plug can handle up to 20 amps 2400 watts which safely covers most of the heavier larger appliances and devices. A joules rating is not applicable to this device. 

Never use low powered plugs or power strips for appliances. Check your requirements to make sure you are getting the right plug for the job!

The upper voltage threshold is fixed at 140 volts. You can adjust the lower voltage threshold from 90-105 volts. This is done with a flat screwdriver at the back of the plug. A value of 95 volts is recommended. The plug will automatically switch off for 3 minutes if a over/under voltage event occurs. It will automatically turn on again once a normal range of voltage is detected for a stable period of time. The LED status lights on the front of the plug indicate a under voltage, over voltage, waiting or normal event.

Things can get extremely hot during prolonged power surges and an important part of a surge protection device is its ability to resist excessive heat and even fire. The outer shell of this smart plug is made from German Bell plastic rated at V0 high temperature and flame retardant. It can resist temperatures up to 1000 °C, 1832°F. The shell also has vents built into the shell that help circulate air to keep the device internals cool.

The Appliance Smart Plug is easy to install. Alter the lower voltage threshold (if required) on the back of the plug using a flat screw driver or blade. Simply plug it into the socket, switch it on and wait for the normal green light to display. Then plug in your appliance to be protected. You can plug it in directly or use the short extension lead to avoid wasting a dual or triple socket. Heavy duty appliances or devices should never share a wall socket with anything else. If you use the optional short extension lead, be aware that the max amps and watts will be 13 and 1560. If required, it is recommended to plug in the SPD directly and then use the short power extension on the secondary device.

Technical Specification:
Max Current 20-Amps, 2400-Watts
Max Voltage 140
Min Voltage 90-105 adjustable
Operating temperature 41°F to 131°F
Surge/sag reaction time <1 nanoseconds
Size 3.15" x 1.38" x 4.73"
Weight 5.30 Oz
Flame retardant V0 German bell plastic shell resistant to 1832°F (1000°C)
Stabilization delay/wait time 3 minutes (stable voltage within range for 30 seconds)
Working voltage 120V
Joules rating Not applicable. Switch off/on detection mechanism <10 nanoseconds.
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